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Zone 4 Strawberries

Zone 4 Strawberries

I got hooked on home grown berries a number of years ago. The berries from the produce section of the store are ok, but nothing like the ones fresh out of a home berry patch. I have quite a selection; I start the season with strawberries, then the red raspberries start to ripen followed by the purple raspberries about the same time as the blueberries star to ripen. This is a great combination because there is a time during the summer I will have a full variety of berries all at the same time. One of the keys to this is to have part of your berry plant selection in ever bearing strawberries. There are a number of ever bearing strawberry varieties available; I planted the Ozark ever bearing and they have worked out very well for me.

Strawberries don’t take up a lot of room, I can remember one place I used to live when I was younger I didn’t have much room so I put up a strawberry pyramid, it worked out well and was very productive. The first year you plant the berries it is recommended you pinch off the blossoms and runners to allow the parent plant to take in most of the nutrients,  giving you a very healthy and productive plant for the following year which is right-but I can’t resist letting a few of them ripen to steal off plant during the first season for a delicious treat.

Strawberry Plant Basics

Strawberries need fertile well drained soil-full sun is best but partial shade is ok. I have planted in sandy clay, but you should mound the plants to keep them well drained.

Spacing- 1 to 2 feet

PH range- 6-6.8

Bed spacing 12 t0 18 inches

Watering Moderate

Plants that I have had good luck with in Zone 4

Ozark Beauty-everbearing


Tri Star

Strawberry Pyramid

Pyramidal Strawberry Bed w/Sprinkler Pyramidal Strawberry Bed w/Sprinkler

Top tier holds a sprinkler head that waters the entire bed.

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