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Start 2011 with Early Peppers


Happy New Year!
Are you ready to Plant? I know it is only the end of December, but I am planning on starting my Green Pepper plants in about 2 weeks. Why? Because here in Upper Michigan I don’t trust the weather. There is also something about the green plants that boost my moral in the middle of winter. It is also nice to see a few baby green peppers forming before they are transplanted in the spring.
If you are planning on starting your plants early now is the time to order your seeds and any equipment you need. Be sure you state on your order that you want the seeds shipped right away. This time of the year the seed companies are not in a hurry to deliver and may hold your order till spring.
At one point in my life, I was an over the road truck driver. To make a long story short my wife kept forgetting to water my plants while I was away. If you are going to be away for any period of time or are worried about using the right amount of water, the seed starters below are the perfect solution. They are what I use and they work great. If you take care of them you can use them year after year.
More to come as we get into the Year!

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