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Home Grow Boxes

Home Grow Boxes

Nowadays gardening is a hobby enjoyed by many. The health benefits and stress relief which we get by growing plants and taking care of them cannot be replaced by any other activity. The most novel technique of gardening is hydroponics. This Greek word means water and labor and involves growing plants without soil but just use the nutrients in the soil with water. Hydroponics is emerging as a favorite not only in teaching and research but also in homes.

Many people want to grow their own different varieties of plants from the comfort of their own homes. But space constraint has become a universal issue. Hydroponics is an ideal solution for all gardening fans. As mentioned earlier, this involves growing plants without using the artificial medium of sand or gravel. Research shows that plants need only the nutrients and not the sand as such for their growth. Hydroponics gardening does not require any special agricultural skill and also is very environmentally friendly. The setup can be done by anyone even without any expert help. Soil is not at all needed and water can also be reused. The crop yield is also very high. For these and many more advantages many people have started experimenting with the art of hydroponics.

The main tool of hydroponics is a grow box which as the name suggests is a self-contained growing environment. Built-in Metal Halide or High-Pressure Sodium these totally enclosed systems provide light, intake and also exhaust fans which are helpful for plant growth and also provide odor control. If you lack the room necessary for a traditional garden, then hydroponics may be the alternative you are looking for. This technique is apt for growing plants which are out of season. This means you can grow any plant of your choice during any time of the year. The ease of use and lack of maintenance with a hydroponic grow box are ideal as the grow box will provide all the required nutrients for your plants to grow.

Setting up a hydroponics tank or arrangement is very simple when you are aware of certain basic rules. Choose your own grow box or create one. A fish tank or reservoir painted black or covered with black paper can act as an ideal grow box. You should consider the size of grow box needed for the variety and number of plants you wish to grow. You should have a good stock of plant nutrients which will suit the nature of plants you plan to grow. The issue of pests never arises with hydroponics as a grow box is it’s own contained environment. One main disadvantage is that some soil-based plants may get extra hydrated. Also if you are trying to grow plants with different fertilizer needs it may become slightly difficult to maintain.

Our planet Earth is constantly troubled by pollution and global warming problems. Growing more plants is the only solution to protect us from the impending danger. Hydroponics has revolutionized the beautiful and nature-friendly art of gardening.

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