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Gardening Tools for a Brand New Gardener

Gardening Tools for a Brand New Gardener

In almost every person’s life he or she will think “I should start my own garden!” Maybe one man daydreams about growing vegetables of his own. Rose gardens might be the goal of someone else. Whatever your reasons are for starting your own garden and no matter how big you want your garden to be, you are going to need specific tools to finish the job. Most gardening tasks can be done using your hands and your muscles. With the proper gardening tools you can save time and wear and tear on your body. The following are gardening tools that you can use to help you tend your garden.

You need to have a garden rake. Garden rakes are not the same rakes that you will use for gathering up leaves and debris in your yard. Garden rakes have steel teeth and are shorter and sturdier than the other type of rake. If you have projects of varying sizes you want an adjustable width garden rake and not a fixed width garden rake. You cannot use a fixed width rake in every project so you should buy an adjustable width rake instead because doing so is more cost effective. Gardeners use garden rakes for the smoothing out and leveling of earth in the garden plot.

Hoes are important. A lot of beginning gardeners are wary of hoes. Using a hoe often feels very unnecessary when you are starting your first garden. Unfortunately, especially for people with large patches of land, hoeing is something that has to be done. Hoes are useful because they help the gardener create neat rows for planting. You will find that making rows for your garden is a lot easier when you are standing upright than when you are squatting down. You can also use your garden hoe to outline the different rows you will be using for planting. It is easier to do this type of project if your hoe has a good and long handle on it.

It sounds crazy but using a hoe can save you quite a lot of time as you are working to build your garden.

A wovel is essential. Gardeners can choose between wovels with short handles and wovels with long handles. Wovels are basically shovels with rounded points. A short handled wovel will help your balance while a long handled wovel does not do this.

The wovel’s main purpose is to dig holes. When you want to transport a plant, dig it up using your wovel: the rounded tip keeps it from getting tangled in root systems or accidentally damaging the root bulb of the plant. Wovels can also be used to tamp down dirt as you move your plants or do your seed planting.

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure which kinds of gardening tools you need. When you first start out you will probably want to buy everything in the store. Don’t get duped or give in to temptation: start small and then add tools as you find uses for them. This way you won’t have to worry about spending too much money or wasting valuable storage space. Before you realize what has happened you’ll be able to look at your gardening tools and instinctively know which tools you need to complete your tasks.

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