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Deciding What to Plant

Looking for Spring

The thing I like about planting your own garden is that you can pick which varieties you want to plant. I just love the hybrid pink tomatoes, but there is no way I can buy them at the store. The same with growing your own plants. If you are able to start from seed,  you have a lot more choices.

When you plan your garden talk to the other family members and make a plan. I can remember one year, I think only about half of what I planted got eaten. This seems like kind of a dumb statement, but don’t grow what you aren’t going to eat. It’s a huge waste of time and money. So plan your garden with other family members and it will be well worth your time.

Like I pointed out above about not being able to buy the pink tomatoes; look in the store to see which vegetable you would like to have,  but just aren’t available, grow them yourself. Different types of potatoes and sweet corn would be a good example. String Beans is another one; I just love the flat Italian beans, but the only way I can get them here is to grow them.

This next one is huge! Pricing. It is getting so you need a pretty fat wallet to purchase many of the items in the produce section of the grocery store these days. I love the fresh berries  in the summer time, and we usually get a good crop from my berry patch. Local Strawberries here will sell for as much as 5 dollars a quart with raspberries and blueberries bringing in a much higher price than that. I could justify paying that price once or twice for a treat, but that would be about it. There was a time when I wondered if having my own garden was worth the time and money, but not anymore, it’s not very often you can have a great hobby that pays off as well as this one does. Here in zone 4 planting time is just around the corner, so as the old saying goes, plan-then work your plan- and with a little help from mother nature you could have a very rewarding summer.

That’s it for now, spring is lagging here with temps getting barely above freezing, mother nature needs to get cranking.

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