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Choosing the Right Biological Filter Media For you Pond

One type of media you can choose to shelter available healthy bacteria is biological filter media. Much desired is the absorptive medium for the sole reason it lets a lot of helpful bacteria per square inch. One key is the surface area if you’re going to choose the right biological filter. So what would be the ideal types of filter for your garden pond?

Permeable ceramic cylinders

Ceramic cylinders are great biological media that you can add to just about any aquarium filter. One cylinder averages around 3/8″ x 3/8″. Usually put in media bags and piled in the undermost layer in the aquarium filter nearest to the top. Expect a much better water flow and a remarkable surface area for good bacteria to produce and thrive when you have a ceramic cylinder.

Natural Bio-Glass

Also identical with ceramic cylinders is the bio-glass. With the shape of a very deep cylinder, the bio-glass is usually made from natural silicate compound. Kept as well in media bags and put down in the lower layer of the aquarium filter closer to the top. Bio-glass allows for great water flow while providing exceptional surface area for your bacteria to grow and reproduce.

Useful Bio-Balls

Ergonomically designed, bio-ball goes extremely well into a filter and it shelters those healthy bacteria that you always wanted to have. A gallon of bio-balls would have a surface area close to 21.5 square feet. Integrates nicely in canister filters or even if it’s wet or dry.

Quartz Bio Media

The quartz biological spheres come from natural lava rocks. It gives you nice water flow all the while providing home for helpful bacteria which you’ve always wanted. It should be stored in filter media bags of the fish tank. You can place the biological spheres in almost all aquarium filters.

Biological Stars

A polymer material Biological filter media that is in the shape of a star. It gives a perfect surface area for your good bacteria to grow. You will have around 20 gallons if you have four stars.

Eheim Ehfisubstrat

Ehfisubstrat is a sintered glass that offers a huge surface area of nearly 19,000 square feet per gallon. It is specially created for good bacteria to grow. Ehfisubstrat can be housed in many different aquarium filters. Can be added to aquarium filter media bags.

Replacing Biological Media

You may be thinking about how often you will have to replace biological filter media. Well, you might not replace it after all! As long as you clean your filter media regularly and it’s in excellent order, there’s no problem. Many media bio-filter have multiple uses and simply needs to be cleaned.

Cleaning Biological Media

When is the time you would have to clean biological media filter? If you notice a great deal of detritus (fish waste and dirt) built up, or your water flow has slowed, you should clean your filter media.

You can wash out mechanical filter media under the faucet, but you should not wash your bio-filter media in this manner. The right way to wash biological media is in a container of water from your aquarium. If you bathe your biological media under running water, the chlorine would waste all the healthy bacteria that you keep. Killing beneficial bacterial will lead to potential problems and possibly a mini-cycle. Just regularly soak the bio-filter media in a pail of water from your aquarium.

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