Zone 4 Green Peppers

I am ready for this winter to go away as are many in other parts of the country. It is time to start my pepper plants. Here in zone 4 we need all the help we can get, and an early start is the best way I can think of. Not to mention there is something about those new plants breaking out of the ground in mid winter that gives a moral boost like nothing else can. It is a sure sign of good things to come. I added a couple new seed starting trays this year because the old ones were starting to get a little worn (I always have a tendency to plant too much). Anyway the idea is to see at least some blossoms and maybe even a little green pepper or 2 before the plants even hit the garden.

I planted 40 cells, as the plants grow they will be transplanted to larger containers as needed. To keep them from getting to spindly I use grow lights over the planting table. I live close to lake Superior and getting enough sunshine in the winter can really be a problem. For nutrition I use a spray bottle, and periodically spray the plants with Miracle Grow.

I will be starting my tomato plants in about another 2 weeks. They don’t need quite as much time.

Green Pepper Basics

Day to germinate 6-8

Not recommended to plant directly into ground-start indoors

Ph range 5.5-7

Soil Temperature 70-85 F.

Spacing 12 inches

Watering-moderate to even

Light-full sun

Nutrition- N-moderate, P-high-K high

Plant Rotation-Do not follow, tomato, egg plant or potato

Seeds are good for up to 2 years

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  1. CherShots on March 3rd, 2011

    Wow, already?! Thanks for the heads up on growing peppers in this region.

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