Tips and Tricks for Inexperienced Gardeners

Everybody can learn what it takes to be a gardener. You can grow a fantastic garden even if you have never grown a plant before in your life: you just need to be willing to put some time and effort into learning the trade. So many people think that they have “black thumbs” because they haven’t ever successfully grown flowers or vegetables before. The truth of the matter is that gardening is far more work intensive than most people realize when they start out. Every plant has its own needs and most new gardeners fail because they have the false belief that all plants are the same. Read on for helpful gardening tips! By the way, a great way to use all of your nutritious veggies is making green smoothies with a Vita-Mix blender. The Vitamix 5200 is our top pick.


Growing more than one plant can be tricky-put a schedule together for yourself and follow it. Schedule watering times for each type of plant. Write out the number of times you need to add nutrients to each plant’s soil. Put everything into your planner or on your calendar and then check that calendar every day to find out what you need to do. You could even schedule times to weed! This schedule will help keep you on track as you work to grow a healthy garden. If you haven’t ever grown a garden before, keeping the details on a calendar can help you make sure that you don’t miss anything.

Draw a map of your garden before you start planting seeds or cuttings. Mark down on paper as well as on the ground where you want to plant each potential cutting or seedling. Maps can be quite helpful if you are planning on growing different types of plants. The map will help you remember which plant is which so you can give each plant the right care. Most plants look alike to gardeners who are inexperienced. A map will help you identify what you have planted as it starts to grow. Maps can also help you plan next year’s garden after this year’s growing period is over.

Don’t use pesticides; use aphids instead. Pesticides are not environmentally friendly and are hard on your plants. It can also be terrible for your health if you are growing fruit, vegetables, herbs or spices. The best way to combat plant eating pests is to let some ladybugs take up residence in your garden. The ladybugs won’t do any damage to your plants because they eat the pests that would otherwise wreak havoc on your garden. Pest control bugs like ladybugs are great for gardens. Pest eaters like ladybugs are more environmentally friendly than the alternative. You don’t have to worry about accidentally eating them. They help you keep the pests away from your garden!

Gardening does not have to be difficult. With the right knowledge even the blackest gardening thumb can be turned green. For some all they need is the right information and they are able to grow wonderful gardens. Of course practicing doesn’t hurt either. Just be vigilant and eventually you will grow a wonderful garden. Even world champion gardeners had to start their first garden at some point. Nobody grows a perfect garden their first time outside! Lastly, remember to look at our Vita Mix reviews!

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