Seedlings for Spring Planting in Zone 4

Tomato Plants

Hopefully if you grow your own vegetable plants, and you live here in the North County- you have got a start on some of them. My green pepper plants have be growing for little over a month now, and looking very good. But compared to the tomatoes they grow so slow. But that’s ok. They have a lot of time. I planted a dozen tomato plants at the same time. You can see in the pictures the difference is huge. This coming week I will move the Tomato plants into Jiffy Pots. In this extremely cold winter we are having here the smell of the fresh tomato plants is very refreshing. A true sign of good things that come in the spring.
If you have not started your plants yet it is not to late. Still a lot of time-before planting time. I start earlier- I think than most do. I guess it’s the excitement-I just cant wait.

System Used for growing the Tomato and Pepper Plants

I used a self watering system. Water is stored in the first tray. There is a matt between the plant cell tray and a base . The water makes its way up though the matt supplying a constant moisture supply for the young plants. I have been using this type of system for a number of years. It works very well. The one in this picture was purchased from Burpe’s. Most all of the seed companies have them. You may even be able to find one at Wal-Mart.

For lighting- I am using a standard florescent light fixture with Ecolux F40 bulbs.

Pepper Plants

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