Is Topsoil Really Necessary For My Garden?

If you’ve ever though a lot about topsoil then you’re in a very small minority of people. Without doubt, topsoil isn’t anybody’s first choice conversation about gardening when things like blossoming Petunia’s are there to be discussed.

Well, it’s time topsoil became a hit conversation because it’s really very interesting. There are two things that make topsoil so interesting.

The most important fact is that without topsoil, we would need to fight for our survival with every living being here on earth.

Plants, shrubs and vegetables of good quality become extra hard to cultivate due to a poor topsoil, which is why without its magic, gardeners struggle. Whether a gardener needs new topsoil will depend on how well the existing soil has been looked after.

The main things to look for in your topsoil is the texture because this will give away the amount of organic matter that has been assimilated into the overall topsoil composition. A crumbly texture that has a little weight too it, holds enough water and moisture to make it feel damp to the touch, but not dripping, is about how it needs to feel.

Testing the texture can often lead to needing to make the topsoil richer by adding organic matter to it. Digging in animal manure combines with plenty of straw will ensure that the topsoil stays rich – dig it in and leave it over the winter to break-up inside the soil.

Topsoil can reach the point of no return where no matter what improvers are combined with it, the results are not forthcoming – this is when it’s time to get hold of some new topsoil.

There are many ways to get hold of topsoil, however, in order to get some that isn’t contaminated it should comply to the British safety standards to ensure it is of the finest quality.

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