Gardening Bark And Its Use As Mulch By Gardeners

For most gardeners the never ending activities that make up the hobby, which sometimes may seem relentless, are all part and parcel of the doing the thing they love. Most gardeners however understand that the use of materials such as gardening bark and techniques to help make their work more efficient is often necessary.

Gardeners are highly adaptive creatures who when they are able will use anything that could give benefit to them including gardening bark. This is especially true in terms of finding ways to cut down the need for much of the laborious work in the garden. Weeding is an example of the worst kind of gardening job, that most gardeners would perhaps wish they didn’t have to carry out. Likewise, having to do the watering during the hot summer months can be relentless and hard work. However, gardeners have found many different ways to reduce the amount of watering time they have to put in, without damaging their plants.

Gardeners who use gardening bark are usually very satisfied because of the numerous methods and techniques in which it can be utilised in the garden.

Firstly, gardening bark can reduce the need for continuously needing to do the weeding. By only using a layer of 2-3 inches of gardening bark across a bed or border, weeds can be inhibited from growing completely due to the fact that the bark prevents sunlight penetration reaching the weeds – which is essential for any plants growth. Once weeding of the bed or border has taken place, it is then possible to completely prevent weeds growing in the future with the use of gardening bark.

Secondly, gardening bark also helps retain moisture, so that once a bed or border has been watered the requirement to water the area again should not occur for a little longer than if no bark was used.

It’s also true that gardening bark gives plants and their roots additional protection to enable them to survive through hard cold frosts. It is because a layer of bark helps keep in warm air whilst preventing cold getting into the soil.

Gardeners can use other forms of mulch such as sheet plastic, rocks and hay or straw. Gardening bark carries many properties all of which are useful to the gardener, however, its natural good looks make it a preferred choice in many gardens. In fact, there are several ornamental gardening barks available which are produced specifically for the good looks it can bring to a garden border.

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