Early Tomato and Pepper Plants

Wow the time goes by fast; I planted my peppers a little over  a month ago and I am ready to move them into larger pots where they will stay until it is time to move them into the garden. In preparation for this I foliage sprayed the plants with Miracle grow to strengthen them up for the transplanting transition. After they are transplanted I will continue to use the Miracle grow about once a month or as the plants appear to need it. The grow lights have done a fantastic job of holding their growth rate down helping to produce a strong and healthy plant.



Early Tomato Plants

I started my tomato plants about a month later than the peppers; they grow much quicker. They will also be transplanted this week. The advantage with the tomato plants is that you can plant them deep in the pot which will help them create a massive root system.

Providing everything goes as planned, I should see blossoms and a few small peppers, and tomatoes by the time the plants are moved to the garden.

I plant early but it is not necessary to start this early-if you want to plant your own plants- you have plenty of time to get started.

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