Cool Weather Pollination for your Tomato Plants

After a long cold winter here in Upper Michigan it has carried on into the summer. I don’t think we have had one day above 85 degrees and many days 70 or lower with very cold nights. We have had plenty of moisture so most of my vegetable plants are doing very well. But it does not do me a lot of good to grow a very nice looking plant if it doesn’t produce any vegetables. Tomato plants need warm weather for pollination. Temperatures lower than 55 degrees or over 104 will interfere greatly with the pollinating process. Blossom set has come to my rescue more than once during this type of growing season. Bonide claims it increases yields and speeds harvest. Which makes sense. If the blossoms set quicker your vegetable plants will produce earlier. I use this mainly on my tomato plants but Bonite claims it also works on beans, cucumbers, squash and many others. This is a good product. If you are having problems with pollination give it a try.

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