Cheap Grow Lights for your Vegetable Seedlings


In this part of the country around the Great Lakes we don’t get quite as cold in the winter time as they do inland. A big reason for that is the cloud cover off Lake Superior. Known as the Lake effect weather this area is so well known for.
This can create a challenge for starting your plants indoors even if you have a very well lighted area. Plants can get spindly very quickly with out adequate sun light. Sometimes even a day or two with out proper lighting can ruin the hard work you have put into growing your seedlings.
The problem is -there is a point where its just not worth spending the extra money for lighting-if it gets to that point you are better off to buy the plants. So what is the solution?

Stay away from the expensive grow lights. You don’t need them.

Go to Walmart or Menards and pick out a florescent light fixture the length you need for your growing area. Approximate price $20.00 or less- I have seen 48 inch for around $12.00. Add 2 Agra Grow or Gro Lux fluorescent lights for about $8.00 each and your set .
I purchased some light chain long enough to lower the light fixture down to a couple of inches above my seed starting trays. As the plants grow you can raise the chain keeping your grow lights above your plants.
The way the economy is plants have gotten very expensive. You can save what you spent on your growing system very easily.

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