Mantis Tiller Cultivator-A little Machine that Tackles big jobs

A little machine that saves a lot of time and tackles some big jobs. I saw the ads for the Mantis, received information in the mail, and never paid much attention to any of it. Leave it up to my 80 year old mother. I came home one day to a box sitting on my […]

How good is the soil in your Vegetable Garden?

  When I first started gardening my soil was 98% sugar sand. I can remember thinking what kind of a vegetable garden is this going to be? To my surprise with some work it grew some of the nicest squash and melons I had ever tasted. Unfortunately we cant always choose the type of soil […]

Tips for keeping Deer out of your vegetable garden and away from your fruit trees

This is a problem I have dealt with all of my gardening life. If you live in an area with a large deer population then you know this problem can be huge. There is nothing more disappointing then to have a very nice garden full of vegetables and have it wiped out or destroyed in […]

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