Watermelons so Great

This time of the year is prime for watermelons in all parts of the country. A lot of heat and enough moisture for rapid growth makes for a great tasting watermelon. Along with that comes some added benefits. Watermelon is 92% water. But look what you get in the other 8%! Watermelon provides more lycopene […]

How to test the soil in your Vegetable Garden

It is a good idea to test your soil in an existing garden every 2 to 3 years. Don’t wait till you start having problems. By doing regular testing you can stay on top of it. Especially soil ph. Even if you have a good fertilization technique, the ph still can change. I don’t think […]

Mantis Tiller Cultivator-A little Machine that Tackles big jobs

A little machine that saves a lot of time and tackles some big jobs. I saw the ads for the Mantis, received information in the mail, and never paid much attention to any of it. Leave it up to my 80 year old mother. I came home one day to a box sitting on my […]

How to Grow big watermelons in your Northern vegetable garden

I love melons-especially the fresh ones. To be honest I never liked cantaloupes when I was younger. They never seemed to have any flavor. Then I grew my own. They were great! You just cant beat the flavor of vine ripened. The first thing is you have to realize you can grow the bigger watermelon […]