Growing Peach Trees in zone 4

Yes it can be done. It takes a lot of care. I live close to Lake Superior which has a tendency to create a micro climate. Very seldom does it get below 20 degrees below here. I have had some success with the Reliance peach variety. The peaches are a little on the small side. […]

How to start a Strawberry Bed-Zone 4 Strawberries

I was out hunting mushrooms and came across some ripe wild strawberries. They are so good but also so small. They are no match for the present day strawberry plants we have available today. If you have wanted to start a strawberry bed but missed your opportunity this past spring. Get your garden area for […]

How to test the soil in your Vegetable Garden

It is a good idea to test your soil in an existing garden every 2 to 3 years. Don’t wait till you start having problems. By doing regular testing you can stay on top of it. Especially soil ph. Even if you have a good fertilization technique, the ph still can change. I don’t think […]

Tips for keeping Deer out of your vegetable garden and away from your fruit trees

This is a problem I have dealt with all of my gardening life. If you live in an area with a large deer population then you know this problem can be huge. There is nothing more disappointing then to have a very nice garden full of vegetables and have it wiped out or destroyed in […]

How to plant Fruit Trees

What a fast winter. I guess what they say is true. The older you get the faster time goes buy. Anyway ,enough of that. Every year it seems like I plant at least a couple of fruit trees. This year I added two more cherry trees and a Reliance peach. The cherry trees do pretty […]