Using Blossom Set

The pepper and tomato plants are doing great-however the weather is not cooperating. A spring snow storm blanketed the area over the week end. It’s not the snow that bothers me but the cold. Within the next week or two I would like to start moving my plants outdoors to harden them off. If the […]

Zone 4 Strawberries

Zone 4 Strawberries I got hooked on home grown berries a number of years ago. The berries from the produce section of the store are ok, but nothing like the ones fresh out of a home berry patch. I have quite a selection; I start the season with strawberries, then the red raspberries start to […]

Start 2011 with Early Peppers

Happy New Year! Are you ready to Plant? I know it is only the end of December; but I am planning on starting my Green Pepper plants in about 2 weeks. Why? Because here in Upper Michigan I don’t trust the weather. There is also something about the green plants that boost my moral in […]

Growing Peach Trees in zone 4

Yes it can be done. It takes a lot of care. I live close to Lake Superior which has a tendency to create a micro climate. Very seldom does it get below 20 degrees below here. I have had some success with the Reliance peach variety. The peaches are a little on the small side. […]

Seedlings for Spring Planting in Zone 4

Hopefully if you grow your own vegetable plants, and you live here in the North County- you have got a start on some of them. My green pepper plants have be growing for little over a month now, and looking very good. But compared to the tomatoes they grow so slow. But that’s ok. They […]

Cheap Grow Lights for your Vegetable Seedlings

In this part of the country around the Great Lakes we don’t get quite as cold in the winter time as they do inland. A big reason for that is the cloud cover off Lake Superior. Known as the Lake effect weather this area is so well known for. This can create a challenge for […]

Mantis Tiller Cultivator-A little Machine that Tackles big jobs

A little machine that saves a lot of time and tackles some big jobs. I saw the ads for the Mantis, received information in the mail, and never paid much attention to any of it. Leave it up to my 80 year old mother. I came home one day to a box sitting on my […]