Burning Berry Bushes

  The last post I wrote was about how much I enjoy the fresh berries from my berry patch. As the old saying goes “; don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Yesterday it was a nice calm sunny day-an ideal spring day here in upper Michigan. Seeing as it was so nice out I […]

Deciding What to Plant

The thing I like about planting your own garden is that you can pick which varieties you want to plant. I just love the hybrid pink tomatoes, but there is no way I can buy them at the store. The same with growing your own plants. If you are able to start from seed,  you […]

Zone 4 Strawberries

Zone 4 Strawberries I got hooked on home grown berries a number of years ago. The berries from the produce section of the store are ok, but nothing like the ones fresh out of a home berry patch. I have quite a selection; I start the season with strawberries, then the red raspberries start to […]

How to start a Strawberry Bed-Zone 4 Strawberries

I was out hunting mushrooms and came across some ripe wild strawberries. They are so good but also so small. They are no match for the present day strawberry plants we have available today. If you have wanted to start a strawberry bed but missed your opportunity this past spring. Get your garden area for […]

Mantis Tiller Cultivator-A little Machine that Tackles big jobs

A little machine that saves a lot of time and tackles some big jobs. I saw the ads for the Mantis, received information in the mail, and never paid much attention to any of it. Leave it up to my 80 year old mother. I came home one day to a box sitting on my […]

How to Grow Blueberries in your backyard zone 4 garden

  Delicious blueberries in the summer-beautiful red ornamental leaves in the fall. To grow high bush blueberries in zone four at one time was almost impossible. Though the years the development of new varieties has made it very possible. I guess for the most part it is kind of an in-between. The plants don’t get […]