Burning Berry Bushes


The last post I wrote was about how much I enjoy the fresh berries from my berry patch. As the old saying goes “; don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

Yesterday it was a nice calm sunny day-an ideal spring day here in upper Michigan. Seeing as it was so nice out I thought I would get a little clean up done and do some burning. One of the cardboard boxes I had to burn was large, I started the fire and within minutes a wind came up and turned it in to a raging inferno. There were pieces of burning cardboard flying all over. The resulting grass fire headed for one of my berry patches and it became history. It was all over except for the crying.

On the good side of the coin I have more than one, but the one that burnt was the oldest so it produced the most. Oh Well-enough crying, it gives me a good excuse to plant another.

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