Burning Berry Bushes

  The last post I wrote was about how much I enjoy the fresh berries from my berry patch. As the old saying goes “; don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Yesterday it was a nice calm sunny day-an ideal spring day here in upper Michigan. Seeing as it was so nice out I […]

Deciding What to Plant

The thing I like about planting your own garden is that you can pick which varieties you want to plant. I just love the hybrid pink tomatoes, but there is no way I can buy them at the store. The same with growing your own plants. If you are able to start from seed,  you […]

Zone 4 Strawberries

Zone 4 Strawberries I got hooked on home grown berries a number of years ago. The berries from the produce section of the store are ok, but nothing like the ones fresh out of a home berry patch. I have quite a selection; I start the season with strawberries, then the red raspberries start to […]

Early Tomato and Pepper Plants

Wow the time goes by fast; I planted my peppers a little over  a month ago and I am ready to move them into larger pots where they will stay until it is time to move them into the garden. In preparation for this I foliage sprayed the plants with Miracle grow to strengthen them […]