Growing Peach Trees in zone 4

Yes it can be done. It takes a lot of care. I live close to Lake Superior which has a tendency to create a micro climate. Very seldom does it get below 20 degrees below here. I have had some success with the Reliance peach variety. The peaches are a little on the small side. […]

Transplanting Pepper and Tomato Plants

If you started your pepper plants early like I did they are getting to be pretty good size. I spent a few hours this week end transplanting them to larger containers. I like to only move them once between the time I start them and move them into the garden. 70 plants so far and […]

Seedlings for Spring Planting in Zone 4

Hopefully if you grow your own vegetable plants, and you live here in the North County- you have got a start on some of them. My green pepper plants have be growing for little over a month now, and looking very good. But compared to the tomatoes they grow so slow. But that’s ok. They […]