How to Grow Blueberries in your backyard zone 4 garden

  Delicious blueberries in the summer-beautiful red ornamental leaves in the fall. To grow high bush blueberries in zone four at one time was almost impossible. Though the years the development of new varieties has made it very possible. I guess for the most part it is kind of an in-between. The plants don’t get […]

How to make Hummingbird Nectar

Because of the fruit trees I grow-mainly the cherries-I don’t encourage birds to come on my property. A flock of Blue Jays can wipe out a tree full of cherries in a hurry. I make an exception for the Hummingbirds. What an amazing little creature. How such a small bird can consume so much food […]

How to Grow big watermelons in your Northern vegetable garden

I love melons-especially the fresh ones. To be honest I never liked cantaloupes when I was younger. They never seemed to have any flavor. Then I grew my own. They were great! You just cant beat the flavor of vine ripened. The first thing is you have to realize you can grow the bigger watermelon […]

How to plant Fruit Trees

What a fast winter. I guess what they say is true. The older you get the faster time goes buy. Anyway ,enough of that. Every year it seems like I plant at least a couple of fruit trees. This year I added two more cherry trees and a Reliance peach. The cherry trees do pretty […]

Gardening Tips for Early Tomatoes

I think every person I know that has a vegetable garden strives to get early tomatoes . Here in the north country to get them by the end of July can be a real challenge. I have been able to get early tomatoes by the 4th of July. But it takes a lot of work. […]